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ONtility ProTM offers the best value in the industry. The most features, at an affordable price. We believe professional software tools should be within the financial means of individuals and small businesses - without sacrificing the power and feature set expected by even the most demanding organizations. Our company and our products are built around this philosophy.

There are several other software apps, tools and platforms to run financial analysis, estimate solar, wind and/or energy efficiency performance, and help prepare sales proposal materials and bids. Below is a comparison of some features.

O V E R A L L ONtility Pro SolarNexus ModSolar
Sales Proposal Formats Web, PDF
Word (RTF)
Web, PDF Web, PDF
Ease & Speed of Use Very Good OK OK
Training, Service & Support Included Limited Limited
S A L E S   F L O W ONtility Pro SolarNexus ModSolar
Import Sales Leads Yes (API) Yes (API) Yes (API)
Sync to CRM/Ext. Software Yes (API) No No
Sales Lead Widget Yes No $$ Extra Cost
Sales/Job Management Yes Yes PV Only
C A P A B I L I T I E S ONtility Pro SolarNexus ModSolar
Optimization Analysis Extensive Limited Limited
Financial Analysis Yes Yes PV Only
Energy Efficiency Modeling Yes Limited No
PV Layout with 3D View & Sun Path Yes No No
PV Sizing & Modeling Yes Yes Yes
Storage Sizing & Modeling Yes No No
Solar Thermal Sizing & Modeling Yes Limited No
Wind Turbine Sizing & Modeling Yes No No
Incentive Programs All Limited PV Only
Utility Rate Accommodations All Electric
Utility Metering All
Net Metering, Virtual & Aggregated Net Metering, Gross Metering, Self-Consumption metering, Feed-In Tariff
Limited Limited
Geographic Areas Covered USA USA
Canada Canada
Central America
P R I C I N G ONtility Pro SolarNexus ModSolar
Set-up or Min. Fee Free Free May Apply
Single-User Monthly Fee $35 - $60 $109 - $139 $295
Multi-User Monthly Fee $16 - $33
per user
$59 - $109
per user
$50 - $100
per user
Login can be Shared * Yes No No
Trial Use Limitations None None Watermarked pages
(Not suitable for customer use)

* - "Login can be Shared" means the account Login can be used/shared by different people, at one time. This is helpful for small organizations that may not have the budget nor need to pay for multiple Login accounts.


SOURCES OF COMPARISON INFORMATION: These comparisons come from published software specifications and feedback we receive from users of our software and that of other software and related services. Please feel free to contact us to share your own thoughts and experiences. Why did you choose a particular software? What features are most important to you? What are your experiences with a particular software, its support and staff, the pace of enhancements, the value received for money paid, etc.?


Not shown above:

  • CPF "Tools" which was offered by Clean Power Finance Inc. (CPF, now "Spruce Financial"), and reportedly not supported nor offered any longer.
  • "QuickQuotes" which was offered by Clean Power Research. QuickQuotes has been discontinued.
  • "OnGrid Solar" a "Solar Financial Analysis Tool" offered by Mr. Andy Black (sole proprietorship). This is an Excel spreadsheet that you pay to use.
  • Sighten, Enact Systems which are new and have little or no track record or their products are not accepted or used in the general marketplace.


Other options are summarized by NREL at Building Energy Software Tools Directory


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